A message from a “sensible” UCF fan.

Welcome fellow fans & haters,

You have fallen into my trap.

I’m just kidding. I’ve brought you together for a discussion. UCF lost a tough one to LSU, 40-32. The Knights 25-game win streak is over, and America has won the war.

Let me speak on the game real quick. I’m only 18 and claim to be a non-toxic UCF fan, so though my opinion may or may not be close to your own.

No one can say that wasn’t a great game. You could be blindfolded in Bird Box and still see that it was a great game. Here’s the controversial stuff. Yes, there should’ve been pass interference on Moore’s pick-6. No, there wasn’t targeting on the block on Burrow during the pick-6. Shoulder to shoulder. I don’t care if he’s a quarterback. Of course I would be mad as an opposing fan because that’s my quarterback, but if we’re being real here, it was legal. Other than those two, missed calls went both ways and both teams had their dirty moments. It wasn’t a surprise that UCF’s secondary got torched, though their run defense stayed somewhat strong. Joe Burrow completed a few tough throws right on the money early on until he had enough time to solve a Rubik’s Cube in the pocket. He literally had all day. On the other side of the ball, it seemed that UCF established the run game early. As UCF does. But the passing game couldn’t have been weaker. Mack was either pressured on every pass attempt or held the ball for too long. That’s what really held the Knights down. Don’t forget the dropped passes, missed tackles, and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties that were costly. UCF had a shot, but came up short. 8 points short.

I say that all above for a reason. I left out the conference of each team. Who and how many were injured or inactive. Of course it matters. But let’s be reasonable for a moment. In Tuesday’s game, both teams were banged up in a way. It was a close game in which LSU won. Now let’s say that LSU had the same inactives as they did Tuesday, but there’s a healthy McKenzie Milton starting for UCF. It’s not dumb at all to say that UCF would be the favorite in that game. The real question is, what about if both teams were at full strength? UCF has KZ and LSU has their dominant secondary. I don’t think you could justify a clear win for either team. Each team would compete, and that’s the thing. UCF just wants to compete. Look at half of all Power 5 teams and tell me UCF can’t compete against them. The Knights would’ve teared through the ACC Coastal this year. And that’s not being biased, that’s being reasonable. Am I saying that UCF could go in and win each conference? Not at all. But half of the teams in each conference won’t be above .500 for a decade. Take that how you will. All I’m saying is that these boys can compete in a P5 conference. So why not let them?

Sure, you think UCF fans are annoying, but if you’re in that position you’d do the same thing. Every D1 football player dreams of playing in the championship. Only two teams get to do it a year. Only four teams get the chance. While most of the time, one of those teams is undeserving. I could get into the CFB Playoff platform, but that’s a whole thing in itself. It’s just that these kids want a chance and with that P5 money and recruiting, who knows where they’d go. UCF has built one of the biggest brands in the nations in two seasons. Applications, season tickets, sponsorships, donors, and merchandise sales are all on the rise. Everything is getting better for them. So for the people who believe things are over now that they’ve lost, you’re well wrong.

Listen, I’m not one of those fans who thinks UCF could take Alabama head on. A healthy LSU couldn’t even do that this year. I’m also not one of those fans who thinks UCF had a clear spot in the playoffs. Though let’s be honest, they had a better chance of winning it all than Notre Dame. I just know they can compete with the big dawgs. Let them have their fun.

Congrats to LSU on a great win. I’m a big Coach O guy. Congrats to UCF on two fantastic seasons. Thanks to all the fans and haters for shouting out Knight Nation.

To everyone,

Charge On.

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