All hope was lost for the Cubs on Bryce Harper, but now it’s fully restored.

If you’re like me, you saw this trade and freaked out. The Reds screwed over the Cubs, and now it’s a dead lock for the Dodgers to sign Bryce Harper. All hope was lost.

That’s literally what I thought. The Dodgers had room in the outfield. They dumped contracts. It’s over. Bryce to LA. I was dead inside.

Kenny Boy then hit us with this.

I didn’t even think about that option at all. At first, I thought the Dodgers wouldn’t have even made this trade without knowing that Bryce was coming, but this actually makes sense too. I honestly believe they’d be a better team with adding multiple assets rather than just Bryce. They can’t afford to lose 3 World Series in a row.

They really can’t afford Bryce Harper either. Their payroll is still high after the trade and they still have outfield depth to keep them afloat. If anything, the trade allows them to spend big after the 2019 season as around $40m will open up.

Though, I could be completely wrong. The Dodgers can pull off another move or just bargain with Bryce somehow. This trade definitely gives them a better chance.

But for now, I’ll listen to the Cat.

I’m hoping this trade really sparks the moves this offseason. Apparently talks between the Cubs and Giants about JHey started to heat up, which would definitely be huge in the Bryce mix.

All hope is restored.

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