Kris Bryant turns down extension worth more than $200 million

Chicago Cubs third baseman, Kris Bryant, has reportedly turned down a contract extension that was worth more than $200 million.

David Kaplan reported this on ESPN1000 earlier today. The Cubs came to Bryant with a “massive extension… well north of $200 million.” It is being said that Kris wants to move year-to-year as of now. A lot of people believe that Bryant’s agent, Scott Boras, is the reason that Kris did not take the extension.


  1. he probably as most of the players got sick of joe maddons losing tactics they were supposed to go to the world series and have just as much talent or more than the 4 teams left why sign an extension if he does not know how long joe will be around Fire joe and see how many players will accept extensions!!!!!!!!


    • Joe Maddon is not the reason the team as a whole stopped hitting the ball, our pitching era was 3rd in the mlb we scored 1 or less runs in 40
      Games this year. That is not Joe Maddon s fault and Kris Bryant is fat too intelligent to believe that crap.


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