Would Manny Machado sign an extension with the Cubs?

We all love these Machado rumors, right? Good, because they just keep on coming. The Cubs are obviously the team to beat for acquiring Machado, but what would Manny do for the Cubs and wouldn’t do for any other team? A contract extension.

According to Robbert Murray (FRS Sports), a person close to Machado believes “if there was a team he’d consider re-signing with before hitting free agency, it’s the Cubs.” That’s a huge statement indeed. It’s also very unlikely. The first worry should be actually getting Machado. And of course, we should only look at him as a rental.

I’m just trying to figure out who I want. Bryce Harper or Manny Machado? The Bryce rumors are slowing down a bit, and the Machado rumors just keep coming.

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