Theo Epstein seen wearing controversial hat at UFC 225

Chicago Cubs President Of Operations, Theo Epstein, was seen at UFC 225 wearing a hat that said “resist”.

This blog is not political so I will not go deep into this, but I do want to know your thoughts on the hat. I have already seen mixed reactions on Twitter. Is this a big deal or is it just people overreacting?

Let me know on Twitter @1N2W_


  1. Yes it is a big deal!! President Trump is doing great!! Why can’t athletes and owners just stay out of it!! I love the Cubs but this makes me very mad!!


  2. This is still America and people are entitled to express their opinions – for now anyway! And yes Julie, athletes and owners can express their opinions just like MAGA hatters.


  3. While is off the Field not working for the Cubs he can do whatever he wants. The minute he brings it to the field to work its a problem.


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