Story of the day: Lance McCullers Jr. seen with a possible foreign substance on his shoe. Could he just be trolling Trevor Bauer?

Astros pitcher, Lance McCullers Jr., was seen pitching with a foreign substance on his shoe, but was he just trolling Trevor Bauer?

A few days ago Bauer posted a tweet accusing the Astros of using foreign substances to increase spin rate on the ball. McCullers did not take this lightly, and he tweeted back saying this:

The YES Network (Yankees entertainment network) zoomed in on McCullers shoe, which had something that looked like a foreign substance on it. This made Yankees and Indians fans go crazy, but was McCullers actually just trolling Trevor Bauer? It is being said by some on twitter that this was just a funny prank/joke that he is pulling. I can see why he would do this, but I think it is a little risky. What if the umpire saw this? Would he have ejected him, or did the umpire know it was a joke? This is a really weird situation but we should find out more in the next few days. I will leave the picture down below and let you guys form your own ideas about the situation.

Update: Lance McCullers posted this on twitter after last nights game:

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