The Dodgers are in the race for Manny Machado

The Dodgers went after Manny Machado last winter, and now they are going after him again.

The Dodgers have not made the call to the Orioles just yet, but with Corey Seager being out for the year we may see them make a call soon. The Orioles are more then likely looking for young pitching in return, and the Dodgers have just that in Walker Buehler. The Dodgers are now faced with a tough situation though, with Ryu going down until at least the All Star Break will they want to keep Buehler around?

If there was a trade we would see Buehler and prospects head to Baltimore for one of the best two way players in baseball. The Dodgers infield is very flexible, so Manny will fit in well with the Dodgers.

This is something that we need to be watching for the next month. Will the Dodgers make the move, or will someone like the Cubs come in and swoop him up? Make sure to follow us on twitter @1N2W_ for the latest news, and scroll down below to grab some awesome baseball merchandise.

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