Could the Cubs send Ian Happ down to the minors?

Chicago Cubs outfielder, Ian Happ, has struggled majorly at the plate this year, but will the Cubs demote him?

“I’m not even talking about that with Theo or anybody yet.” This is what Joe Maddon said when he was asked about the possibility of Happ going down to the minors for a short stint.

Happ has struck out 35 times in 77 plate appearances this season, and he is currently sporting a .236 batting average with a -0.3 WAR. I would like to see Happ take a trip to AAA if he does not improve. He can work on his hitting down there for a while, and in the mean time the Cubs can call up my favorite player, Chris Coghlan.

The Cubs sent Kyle Schwarber down to AAA for a period of time last year, and it worked well in my opinion. It seemed that Schwarber was hitting to the opposite field more when he returned, while also raising his OBP. I give Happ two more weeks to change, or he will be getting the Kyle Schwarber treatment.

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