Story of the day: Trevor Bauer implies that the Astros are using pine tar, so Lance McCullers fires back

Lance McCullers fired shots at Trevor Bauer for suggesting that the Astros are cheating.

It all started when someone posted a tweet saying that the Astros appear to be using a substance to doctor their pitches. Indians pitcher, Trevor Bauer, responded with this:

He then stated that “everything will come in due time.”  Astros pitcher, Lance McCullers Jr., did not take this tweet lightly, and he decided to respond. Lance said that Bauer was jealous, and that there was no need for him to act like he is. Below is the tweet:

Could the Astros be cheating in some way, or is this just Bauer whining because the Astros are playing well? This is something that we might want to keep an eye on for the next day or two.

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