Story of the day: Rays fan sneaks back into stadium after being kicked out

We have seen many MLB fans mess around and get ejected at a ball game, but have we ever caught one sneaking back in?

Last night a Tampa Bay Rays fan was ejected due to interfering with a ball in play, but he found his way back in. Below is a video of the man interfering with the play.

As you can see, this Rays fan reached over the yellow line, grabbed another baseball, and chunked it onto the field. After review they would send Renato Nunez back to second base due to fan interference, and the once happy Rays fan would be ejected. Or would he?

A little while later the camera found a person who looked identical to the Rays fan (picture below). In both of these pictures you can see a man with something black on his left wrist, a blue undershirt, Khaki’s, and much more.

You were caught red handed my man, but I give props to you for being such a dedicated fan of the Tampa Bay Rays.

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