The Ian Happ leadoff experiment needs to end…now

The Chicago Cubs have started this season off very slow, and some people are already looking for changes. One of these changes is moving Ian Happ from the leadoff spot, and I am 100% for that.

If you were to look up what a leadoff hitter is suppose to do, the answer is simple, get on base. Happ is batting .204 this year with a .264 on base percentage. Along with this he has struck out TWENTY-FIVE (25) times in FIFTHY-THREE (53) plate appearance. The Cubs have been known for having some pop in their leadoff spot (Fowler, Zobrist, Rizzo, and Happ) but I think there is a way better option then Happ.

The Cubs need to take Happ, drop him to the 6-7 hole, TAKE HEYWARD OUT OF THE LINEUP, and put Albert Almora or Ben Zobrist at leadoff. Heyward is struggling at the plate yet again this year, and I would love to have Almora’s bat in the lineup. Almora is batting .276 with a .344 OBP and he has only struck out five times. Albert is also a very good defender, so we would not be missing too much in right field.

Another option is Ben Zobrist. Benny is batting .326 with a .408 OBP so far this season. Zobrist does have the pop at the leadoff spot, which Maddon loves. Zobrist is also a utility player so he can play wherever Maddon needs him.

Will Joe Maddon sit around until the All Star Break, or will he make a move that is best for the Cubs?


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