Joe Maddon responds to Clint Hurdle’s comments on Javier Baez and Willson Contreras

Pittsburgh Pirates manager, Clint Hurdle, has been under fire from Cub fans due to his recent comments on Javier Baez and Willson Contreras.

Hurdle was mad at Baez for throwing his bat on a pop up after hitting four homers in two days, and he was angry at Contreras for arguing a close pitch. Joe Maddon responded to Hurdle minutes ago by saying, “It reveals you more than it reveals the person you’re talking about” and “The mistakes of youth are preferable to the wisdom of old age.”

Maddon also defended Baez by saying, “If you went to Puerto Rico, he fits in pretty well. You wouldn’t really be all that concerned about how he plays the game or the methods. This is how we view things here. So for me, he plays with a joy.” Could these comments by both coaches be something to fuel the rivalry, or will Hurdle drop the subject? Hurdle has to understand that we are in 2018 and people love to watch the bat flips, showboating, and fights. It is just part of baseball, and we need these old grumpy managers sit back and deal with it.

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