José Fernández’ Attorney makes a new claim saying that Marlins pitcher was drugged.

September 25th was one of the most mournful days I’ve witnessed in baseball. All of the players, managers, and fans recognized José for his wonderful gift, as well as his life. Everyone was sympathetic towards the situation until sudden reports came out. Reports over a year ago claimed that José Fernández had cocaine in his system, which likely caused him to crash that night. His attorney wants to back track this, of course, and he did so yesterday.

Fernández’ Attorney for estate says that “someone slipped cocaine” into his drink before the boat crashed, “to make it easy to steal $15,000 that Fernández was carrying in his backpack.”

When looking into the law, you must have to look at all the possibilities. Not saying this isn’t one, but there’s a lot of evidence that could make this claim false. Like, was the backpack left on the scene? Was there any foot/fingerprints left by someone who wasn’t initially there? Nothing is ever true.

If you hate José for this then go ahead, no one knows the true story.

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