Should we be worried about the Chicago Cubs starting rotation?

The Chicago Cubs are 2-3 in their first five games of the season, but should we already be worried about their starting rotation?

Jon Lester was the Opening Day starter for the Chicago Cubs, but he was chased after 3.1 innings pitched. Lester allowed seven hits and four runs (3 earned) in the start, and his command was all over the place. If you go back to last season, you can see that he had his worst season since 2012. Lester is now 34 years old, and he also does not have his designated catcher. If there is one pitcher to be worried about on this staff I believe that it is Lester.

Jose Quintana allowed six runs in six innings last weekend, but it is because he had to labor. Jose looked great after four innings, but you could tell he started to lose control. Most of the time, he would have been pulled, but the Cubs were coming off of some very long games, and their bullpen was gassed. I would expect Jose to bounce back in his next start.

Yu Darvish made his first start in Chicago, and it was a rocky one. He allowed five runs in just 4.1 innings of work. If you read our article about the six players that will fail or excel, you would know I picked Darvish to fail. It is his first year in Chicago, so I just don’t see him being a top notch pitcher. I do believe that he will do A LOT better than his last start, but I would expect him to sit around a 4.00 ERA this season.

Chatwood and Hendricks both pitched very well in their first starts of the season, so I am not going to go in depth about them. I do want to say that I believe the rotation will be just fine. We are five games into the season, so please, don’t be stressing out about these losses, please…

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