Could Chris Coghlan return to Chicago?

Former Chicago Cubs great, Chris Coghlan, may actually be someone to consider for a minor league deal…

While spending three years in Chicago he posted a .264 batting average with a .351 OBP. If you throw out his first year with the Marlins and his three years with the Cubs his stat line is awful, but there is something about Chicago and Chris Coghlan that just clicks. After playing 273 games in Chicago over the 2014-15 he would be signed by the Oakland Athletics, but this would not be the last time we saw him. Later that year Cogs would make another return to Chicago and play in 48 games.

Now listen, I know that Coghlan would not be an everyday player in Chicago, but he could be a nice piece to have. The Cubs would offer him a one year deal, which means that if he does not do well it won’t hurt the Cubs, but if he does well then we will see him in the majors. Right now the Cubs have four outfielders and a utility player (Ben Zobrist). If one outfielder goes down it would be nice to have another OF that has experience, and that is what Coghlan brings to the table. I am not saying by any stretch that this WILL happen, but I honestly believe that the Cubs could pull the trigger and offer him a deal.

We will see what happens, but in the meantime go follow our twitter @1N2W_ ( We just posted an awesome MLB hype video) and thanks for reading.

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