Ian Happ to leadoff for the Cubs?


The Chicago Cubs are looking for someone to take the leadoff spot this year, and it may just be Ian Happ.

Happ led off for the Cubs in Spring Training yesterday and promptly hit a home run off of Madison Bumgarner. Last season Happ slugged 24 homers with 68 RBI’s while posting a .253 batting average. In his rookie campaign he also swiped eight bases. It is being reported that the leadoff spot is between him and speedy CF, Albert Almora.

Many people want to see Javier Baez in the leadoff spot, and I would not be against it. One thing that worries me is how much he strikeout. Sure he has the power and speed, but he had 144 strikeouts in 2017 alone. Baez stole ten bases in 2017.

So, who will leadoff for the Cubs on opening day? Tweet us @1N2W_ and let us know what you think!


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