We have found out some surprising information regarding Alex Cobb and the Cubs

It is being reported that Alex Cobb WANTS to play for the Chicago Cubs!

Daniel Greenberg (@ChiSportUpdates on twitter) tweeted this yesterday:

Part of me wants Cobb, but the other part of me wants to hold off for Darvish or Arrieta. It has been said that the original deal for Cobb was around 3 years/$42 million, but he walked away from it. Supposedly he is revisiting the offer and may accept something close to it. @charlesthecat on Twitter is saying that Cobb wants four years, but the Cubs don’t want to do that. If Cobb goes down to three a deal could happen soon.

In six years Cobb has posted a 3.50 ERA with 570 strikeouts in 700 innings pitched. Last year he had 12 wins with 10 losses, while posting a 2.3 WAR.

I expect a lot to be happening within the next week or two, so stay with us on twitter @1N2W_ for the latest updates.

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