Trading Jimmy Butler has worked out well for the Bulls so far. Will it hold up in the long run?

If it were up to me, Jimmy Butler would still be on the Bulls averaging 50 points a game. Sadly, I’m just a fan. These last few games have got me thinking though. Maybe it was right for the Bulls to trade Jimmy G Buckets. Drafting Lauri Markkanen, getting Kris Dunn and Zach LaVine in the acquisition has made the Bulls a pretty solid team. But how long will this stretch last?

Maybe I’m biased but, Lauri Markkanen is my Rookie of the Year so far. I wrote an article a little while back comparing his stats to other rookies. I haven’t written an updated version, though he’s been playing consistently well since then. I’m not a stats guys but…

So, can we start the Markkanen/Jordan debate yet?

Zach LaVine seems as if he has already settled in with the Bulls. After not being able to play for a full year, LaVine has scored 32 points with a 20 minute restriction in his first 2 games. I know it’s a small sample size. Add that with Kris Dunn, Niko, and Holiday getting better and better, game by game, the Bulls could maybe see themselves breaking .500 this season.

I know it’s a stretch, but if they keep playing this well then it’s possible. No one thought they could put ANYTHING together this early on. Easy to see that Dunn, LaVine, and Markkanen will be the main pieces moving forward. I’m happy to say that I’m breaking up with Jimmy Butler. It’s for the best.

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