The Cubs are still in on Yu Darvish, but it appears they may land this starting pitcher

There have been Cubs rumors flying around for the last month, and this week they may actually sign a big name.

We have been reporting three different pitchers that may come to Chicago. These include: Arrieta, Darvish, and Cobb. We have not heard much about Arrieta the last week or so, but we have heard about the other two. Darvish is between five teams per his own reports, while Cobb is still expressing heavy interest in the Cubs.

We have seen reports on Twitter that Darvish has actually signed with a team, but we are not for sure how true this is so we won’t post it. We did see a report on Cobb though! Charles tweeted this earlier:

Charles also stated that the dam is going to break this week, so stay tuned for the latest news!! Twitter @1N2W_

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