The best sports moments from 2017

Here are the 1N2W best sports moments from 2017! (Not in order)

Falcons blow a 28-3 lead

Who can’t remember the Patriots coming all the way back from 25 down to win the Super Bowl in overtime?

Clemson Beats Alabama in the national championship 

When people think of this game the final play comes to mind. Was this an offensive pass inference or just a great play to win the game?

USA wins the World Baseball Classic

The United States took down Puerto Rico to win the first ever WBC.

South Carolina stuns everybody in the NCAA tournament

The South Carolina Gamecocks surprised everybody when they made it to the final four as a seven seed.

North Carolina wins the National Championship 

South Carolina was knocked out by Gonzaga in the final four. The Zags feel short of their ultimate goal thanks to the Tar heels of North Carolina.

Albert Pujols becomes the ninth man to hit 600 home runs

Albert Pujols knocked a grand slam to left field for his 600th career home run.

The Pittsburgh Penguins win the Stanley Cup

I’m not the biggest hockey guy, but the Penguins won the Stanley Cup for the second year in a row!

The Warriors win the NBA Finals

The Golden State Warriors got revenge on the Cleveland Cavaliers by winning this years championship.

Jeff Horn defeats Manny Pacquiao

Many people believe the Pacquiao easily won this fight, what do you think?

Roger Federer wins Wimbledon

Roger Federer comes away with another win.

Connor Mcgregor vs Floyd Mayweather

This was one of the biggest boxing matches in history. Mcgregor decided to step into the boxing ring and took the loss.

Astros Win World Series

The Houston Astros defeated the Dodgers to win the World Series.

Aaron Judge and the Home Run Derby

This was by far my favorite thing all year. Aaron Judge killed some baseballs.

Indians 22 game Win Streak

The Indians set a new AL record by winning 22 straight games.

Uconn Goes down

The Uconn Huskies are known for their dominance in Women’s basketball. Mississippi State defeat the Huskies to snap their 111 game winning streak.


Please let us know if we missed any that you think we should add below in the comments! Remember to follow us on twitter @1N2W_

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