Yu Darvish met with the Cubs today. A source says deal could be coming.

Yu said it himself. Apparently, Darvish was very impressed with his meeting with the Cubs today. Twitter does an awful job with the translating stuff but, it seems like it went well with only a few issues on communication (which is common for any foreign player).

Theo is about to do it again. He’ll probably sign Darvish REALLY cheap for more than 3 years. If so, he’s a god. He doesn’t care how much money he spends, but when he does spend money, it’s always to good use. If Darvish signs for cheap then this definitely helps the Cubs out with Harper next offseason. I’m not Theo, but I’m sure that’s what he’s doing.

One source already says the Cubs are mapping out a 5-year deal for Darvish.

This definitely means Jake is out. It’s a huge upgrade though IMO. I love a cheap and better Yu more than I love an expensive and slowly declining Jake. We’ll get to the statistics if this deal gets done, but I just want to sing a little for Jake.


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