People need to stop hating on Lonzo Ball for no reason.

I went to the Lakers vs. Hornets game last night to see my boy Lonzo play, and all I have to say is that I’m triggered. The starting lineups get announced and as soon as Lonzo’s name gets called, all I hear is boos. IN CHARLOTTE. Like, what did this kid do to you? Did he murder your family? No. Did he steal your girlfriend? Probably. Seriously though, what did this kid do to deserve this? If you have a personal reason to hate him then go right ahead. If he bullied you in high school or actually stole your girlfriend then maybe you shouldn’t have been such a dweeb.

No one has a legitimate reason to hate the kid though. The most popular excuse is his dad being the way he is. Let’s get something straight, LaVar is a genius. Sure he can be annoying sometimes, but the guy is a marketing god. If you hate Lonzo because of LaVar, why? Lonzo never said himself that he was better than Steph Curry. Lonzo never said that he’ll be the greatest Laker of all time. Lonzo never said he was going to carry the Lakers to the playoffs. It was his dad. Lonzo is always humble when being approached with questions about his dad, or what his dad said. He never agreed with him. He just said those are his goals. So if you hate Lonzo because of LaVar, you’re an idiot. Hate LaVar, not him.

I’m not even a Lakers fan and I’m still triggered. We obviously all have that one player we hate. As a Bulls fan, I’m a certified LeBron hater. CERTIFIED. I have a certificate and everything if you want proof. It’s usually for a good reason though. LeBron owns the Bulls. There’s my reason. Maybe you’re scared Lonzo is going to own your team in the future, or that LaVar is going to be president of the United States. If you hate Lonzo, you aren’t a big baller, you’re just a nerd.

For real though, my closing statement is that Lonzo seems like a great kid with nothing cocky about him. He’s never done anything to hurt you or your family. Just stop being a big baby, and start being a big baller.

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