The Nationals fired Dusty Baker and I couldn’t be happier.

So today the Nationals announced that Dusty Faker, I mean Baker, won’t return next season. I’m not a Nationals fan, but I just wonder why? Could it be because he doesn’t know his player’s names? Or he can’t manage a team well enough to get out of the first round? I don’t know. What I do know is, the guy is an idiot.

I’ve been waiting to say that since game 4 of the first round (of course it’s the first round). I just didn’t want it to jinx the Cubs. The guy literally made up a story saying how a lot of his players, including Strasburg, were feeling “under the weather.” What’s even worse is that he blamed it on the hotel’s air conditioning and the “mold” in Chicago. Then he “surprised” everyone by starting Strasburg the next day. Strasburg didn’t look sick in any way at all.

I just feel bad for the guy. I had no problems with him before the NLDS, but you just can’t poke the bear. He should needs to retire and become Mr. Mertle from The Sandlot. I don’t remember them playing in any sort of playoff games in that movie.

I also just remembered the guy who played Mr. Mertle in Sandlot is the same guy who did Darth Vader’s voice so there’s another option.



  1. Hey Ryan, did you write this? It’s great. I was wondering Strasburg had suffered an anxiety attack or something the team could not report due to HIPPA regulations. Uncle Scott

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