The Cubs may be acquiring Giancarlo Stanton this offseason per report

News broke earlier today from Charles the Cat on Twitter that Jeter & CO are enarmored with Ian Happ. 

Charles has reported multiple trade deadline news and has correctly announced the Cubs starting lineup before it’s been announced. 

I’m ready for a fun offseason. Go get him Cubbies!



  1. What would that trade look like? Marlins want pitching back with a hitter.
    Happ, Tseng, Hatch, and Zagunis? Cubs take on All of Stanton’s contract.

    Stanton gets $25+ Mil x 10 years
    Heyward gets $23 M x 6 years
    Lester gets $25 Mil x 4 years
    Zobrist gets $15 Mil x 2 years
    That’s $88 Mil for 2 years……..For 4 Players
    That’s $73 Mil for 4 years …….For 3 Players

    Rizzo needs to be extended within 4 years (maybe when Zobrist leaves)
    Bryant isn’t under contract
    The rest of the Core have 3-4 years of control (Arb eligible)

    But they need to add (2) SP’s now.

    Just don’t see any way they do that, without somehow losing Heyward’s albatross salary.


    • last I have heard is the Marlins may chop off some of the money. If this did happen I could see Schwarber, Happ, and someone else headed that way. You can follow us on twitter @1n2w_. we will be all over it this off season – Josh


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