What Rizzo REALLY meant by saying, “Respect Me.”

@ mainstream media. You’re so dumb. Let me just say, I am triggered. Almost all day I listened to IDIOTS talk about game 3, but the main story was when Rizzo screamed “Respect Me” after his RBI single in the 8th. I think I heard at least 5 different writers or reporters talk about this, and at least 4 of the 5 couldn’t go any deeper in their tiny brains to explain what it meant. The basic explanation went like this: “It was just a bloop single that should’ve been caught, why should you be given respect for that?” Something of the line that it was barely a hit. 

First of all, a hit is a hit and a run is a run. If someone reached off of an infield hit, who cares? It’s a hit and it’s especially hard to do in the playoffs. Second, if you actually think that’s what Rizzo was talking about when he said it, you’re stupid. If you watched any interviews after the game he clearly says, “I’m surprised they even pitched to me.” He continued to say that they shouldn’t have pitched to him because he’s been on fire with RISP. SHOW HIM THAT RESPECT. That’s what he’s talking about. He doesn’t care whatever type of hit it was, they shouldn’t have pitched to him at all. 

Now, it wasn’t only reporters and mainstream media members who said this. Of course if you go through Twitter you’ll find the same thing. I’ll explain this quick. Guys on Twitter don’t get paid to be idiots. They just are and they do it for free. 

But if you go after the captain in anyway, you go after me. RESPECT HIM. The man is like 5 for 5 in this series with RISP. Maybe they’ll learn, but I kind of hope they don’t. More runs for us.

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