Cubs’ Playoffs Mailbag #1

I haven’t done one of these in a while just because we don’t get as many questions as we used to but…

I need to do this one no matter what. It’s midnight. It’s gameday. I’m nervous.

I also don’t know why this is called “Playoffs” mailbag because half of these questions aren’t even about the playoffs so just roll with it. Let’s go.

Oh yeah. Chicago sports travel well in general so you can bet on Nationals Park being at least 60% Cubs fans. When I used to travel there when the Cubs were in town it’d be packed with Cubs fans. And that was during the rough years. They also had a nice attendance during the series in Baltimore this year. This is such a big aspect to sports that no one really sees. If the Cubs have a lot of fans there then it’s way more comfortable for them.

Last year, it was definitely Kyle Schwarber. I also think that’s the case this postseason. If he can’t show up during the regular season, then he has to in the playoffs. It’d be awesome to see him go off this series. I’d much have it be a whole contribution from everybody though. Every starting pitcher has to do well. Rizzo and KB have to be the leaders. Just everyone has to play their game and play it smart.

I was thinking about this earlier today. The first thing that comes to mind is the rotation. It has to get younger and it will. The core pieces still remain the same in Rizzo, KB, Contreras, Zobrist, Russell, Heyward, Happ, etc. You get the gist. The Cubs didn’t do a great job of staying healthy this season and that’s what really hurt them compared to last season. To answer it all, the rotation will be questionable, but the core pieces are still there again. I do think they’ll be better next season.

Why tell you when I can just show you?

These don’t even need an explanation.

I don’t really have one specifically from this season, but I’d have to say Avila’s walkoff single vs. the Blue Jays. Len’s voice crack is just amazing as Javy’s slide.

Great question. For those who don’t know, I call Willson Contreras “Willy Con Queso.” I love queso and I love Willy. My go to is definitely this.

Best in the game.

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