Nationals’ NLDS rotation woes favors the Cubs significantly.

Here’s something that may intrigue Cubs fans.

The Cubs may only have to face Max Scherzer once in the NLDS. What if they don’t have to face him at all? That’s certainly a possibility.

Nationals manager, Dusty Baker, announced ONLY the Game 1 starter which will be Stephen Strasburg. Although he failed to mention the rest of the rotation, Nationals’ reporters are hearing from sources that Gio Gonzalez will get the start for Game 2, pushing back Scherzer to at least Game 3 in Chicago.

Scherzer “tweaked” his hamstring in his final start of the regular season last weekend and it seems like the issue will keep him out for at least 2 games. If worst comes to worst, Tanner Roark would start Game 3, and then maybe Scherzer for 4 (if necessary).

What does it mean for the Cubs? Everything. Strasburg dominated the Cubs earlier this season by striking out 15, but baseball is baseball and if the Cubs’ bats are hot then it could roll their way. If you’re the Cubs, you definitely didn’t want to go against Scherzer and Strasburg back to back. Now you have Scherzer pitching in Chicago which is huge on their side.

The Nationals have a stellar rotation either way, but the way it’s being set up, the Cubs could be highly favored. We’re in for a good series.

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