Cubs announce starting rotation during NLDS.

Game 1 of the NLDS is only 2 days away and I bet most people were sweating, waiting for the Cubs to announce the starter for Game 1. Well, here they are.

Game 1: Kyle Hendricks (in WSH)

Game 2: Jon Lester (in WSH)

Game 3: José Quintana (in CHI)

Game 4 (if necessary): Jake Arrieta (in CHI)

Many people were speculating on who will get the start for Game 1, and it wasn’t a given like Kershaw or Scherzer (maybe). The Cubs could’ve gone 3 ways with Hendricks, Lester, and Jake. Considering Jake’s injury, we could easily assume to why he dropped to Game 4. Quintana, of course, would not be forced to start Game 1 to begin his postseason career. 

Why Hendricks in Game 1? Kyle has majorly improved his stats in the 2nd half with a 3-2 record and only a 2.19 ERA in 13 starts. His ERA on the road (2.83) is significantly better than his ERA at home (3.20). People forget he also started Game 7 of the World Series so if you’re worried, just remember that. 

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