José Fernández Tribute: Best moments & highlights.

On this day last year, the baseball world lost a talented, young star in Marlins’ ace José Fernández. It was a tragedy that affected many lives from the victims to baseball fans across the world. It’s crazy how one bad decision could impact the rest of your life. People have many different views on José Fernández after full details of the situation were released. Think of him how you’d like, but to many he was a great person with a bright personality and one of the true full lovers of the game. To honor him, I’d like to share my favorite moments. From his debut, to his last game, he was always fun to watch.

 José Fernández posts 8 K’s, 3 hits, 1ER in his Major League debut.


José Fernández hits first Major League homer, benches clear.


José Fernández ties a career-high with 14 K’s.


José Fernández & Jason Werth make up after stare down.


José Fernández & Barry Bonds joke around in the dugout.


Tulo: “Did you catch that?” JDF: “Yeah, yeah I did.”


José Fernández’ last pitch of his career.


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