Tommy Pham has a few things to say about Ben Zobrist’s “intending to clinch” comments.

After the Cubs’ 5-0 win in Milwaukee, and the Cubs’ magic number dropping to only 2, reporters swarmed around the clubhouse to catch some of the players initial thoughts on clinching next series. Ben Zobrist’s interview stood out from them all when he said the Cubs “intend to clinch” in St. Louis. The word got out to the Cardinals’ clubhouse and it seems like it got to Tommy Pham just a little. Here are his comments:

“Better not ask me how I’m doing on the field. I don’t wanna be his friend now. You know, you say you’re going to come here and pop bottles…don’t say hi to me on the field then.”

Hey Tommy Pham, just chill out man. I know it’s the playoff race, a rivalry, and the last week of the season all in one, but it’s not THAT serious. Of course he doesn’t want the Cubs to clinch in St. Louis. There’s not much for him to say in that situation. Saying you won’t even say hi to the guy is so Cardinals.

Again, there’s not much for these guys to say. How else would Zobrist respond to that question? Like, “Nah I think we’ll clinch the series after this.” I think Pham went a step too deep. Whatever though, it’s a rivalry.


(P.S. If the Cubs win tonight, the Dirty Birds are gone.)

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