The St. Louis Cardinals’ social media guy is on the hot seat.

I’m not sure how this guy still has a job. Then again, who else would want to work for the Cardinals? He’s on the hot seat though. This is the kid who posted a picture of the wrong dead guy. He also tweeted that the Cardinals were in first place when really, they were a few percentage points behind the Cubs. He’s so lucky I forgot what that tweet was about. Something about rings. Bad tweet. Anyways, he’s officially back! Take a look at this one. *insert fire emoji here*

Oh boy. If this is a troll then props to this guy, he finally got us. Apparently the Cardinals are the “hottest team in the NL Central” now. Let me just inform you that the Cardinals are 6-4 in their last 10 while the Cubs are 9-1. It just doesn’t make sense. That’s why the Cardinals are the dumbest organization in baseball. I feel bad for this guy in all honesty. He gets flooded with mentions from angry Cardinals fans which HAS to lower his self-esteem. I’ll let this one slide. Next time, he should just say he was hacked.

If you somehow read this then listen here sir (or ma’am, Sup?), you’re kind of stupid.



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