Several Bulls players tell reporters they no longer trust members of the coaching staff.

Classic Bulls. This is something we’ve known, but just leave alone. It’s something we assume. Of course players don’t trust the coaching staff. How could you not? The Hoiberg experiment needs to end soon, but it won’t. If you can name the rest of the Bulls coaching staff besides Hoiberg and Brown, congratulations! You probably deserve a good team more than the rest of us. Now, this is a new story. We’ve heard that players don’t trust the front office. Duh. The coaching staff has seemed sketchy the past few years. They’re like serial killers ready to come out for their movie. Too quiet. I’m sure before Jimmy Butler left, he told everyone how corrupt the whole front office and coaching staff is. Pretty sure that rubbed off. The Bulls are weird now. They’re like Cuba, no one hears from them but they’re like a bomb ready to blow up. Just fire everyone now. I want a fresh start. Listen to all these weird Bulls’ stories from the last couple of years.

ESPN broadcaster, Jeff Van Gundy, trashed Gar Forman and the Bulls on live TV during the 2014-15 season. Forman was so angry about it, when Van Gundy went to use the bathroom. He had the Bulls assistant GM literally guard the bathroom door to confront him.

Bulls staff had their phones/laptops confiscated a handful of times over the last 4 years to check for criticism and media leaks.

This is communism. The Bulls are starting the Cold War of the NBA. It literally gives me a headache. In fact, I have a headache typing this right now. Chicago Bulls, communist team or middle school girl?





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