Should Jordan Baker apologize to Lackey and Contreras?

If you didn’t see it yesterday, you’re in for a treat. Umpire, Jordan Baker, was behind the plate in Friday’s game vs. the Cardinals. His terrible no-strike call, which would’ve ended the inning, led to the Cardinals taking the lead a pitch later. When John Lackey went to argue, he was quickly thrown out. Catcher Willson Contreras was ejected as well. Here is the sequence:


Horrible call which potentially could’ve costed the Cubs the game. Baker knew he was wrong and even the batter knew it was a strike. I admit, Willson didn’t do a great job framing that pitch whatsoever. Still, it was a strike. Just look.

Should Baker apologize though? I mean, the Cubs still won. The thing is, he didn’t even argue with Lackey or Contreras about the call. He knew he was wrong. So he threw both of them out for no reason. Yes, he should apologize and we’ll be looking for that today. Contreras could also be fined from spiking his mask after the ejection.


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