The Cubs add a new arm to the rotation.

A little less than an hour ago, Cubs reporters announced that Cubs’ minor league pitcher, Jen-Ho Tseng, will make his first major league start Thursday against the Mets. Tseng was just named the Cubs’ Minor League Pitcher of the Year and seems to be in Chicago to accept the award.

Joe Maddon met with Tseng today and told reporters how he broke the news to the young pitcher: “I said, ‘I guess you’re in town to accept an award. How about you start tomorrow night’s game instead?'” Now that’s pretty awesome. This could also put a lot of pressure on him as well. Pitching in a playoff race when you’re barely getting a 24 hour heads up?  Pretty nerve wracking I would imagine.

Tseng has a combined record of 13-4 with an 2.54 ERA at Tennessee and Iowa. Cubs’ rookie catcher Taylor Davis has caught Tseng in all of his starts at Iowa so I would imagine that he’ll get the start tomorrow.

A little bit of counter moves had to be done in order for this to take place. First of all, Mike Montgomery will be moved to the bullpen. Second, the Cubs still need to make a 40-man move to add Jen-Ho Tseng. Lastly, Tseng doesn’t have a lot of time to prepare. He is getting used to Wrigley, Chris Bosio, and the catchers. The Cubs also think that Tseng will only make one start. If he does well, should he stay?


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– Ryan

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