I can’t believe the Brewers are acting this way towards the Cubs 

A few weeks ago the Cubs announced that they would be moving last Friday’s start time versus the Brewers to 7:05 PM instead of 1:05 PM. 

Doing this made the Brewers angry, and we have no idea why. Everyone thought that the story would be over at this, but the Brewers decided to change their start time… against the Cubs. Yesterday the Brewers announced that the new start time would be at 6:35 instead of 7:10. This was mostly due to ESPN picking up the game. The Brewers also decided to change another start time against the Cubs. This time they moved the game from 6:10 to noon. Could this just be a conencidence, or did the Brewers chance the second game time on purpose?

I don’t get it.. they were mad that the Cubs changed one start time, and now they go and change two start times. I think Joe Maddon and the Cubs should throw a fit just like the Brewers did. 


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