Could Jake Arrieta be back next season? Jed Hoyer thinks it’s possible.

It’d be in the Cubs best interest to let Jake Arrieta walk when he hits free agency in the offseason. That’s what most baseball fans expect at least. Especially since Jake wants big money. Jed Hoyer gave us a taste on what he thinks of Jake and his possible return in an interview on 670 The Score. 

When being asked if he can see a situation where Jake returns, Jed responds with, “Yeah”. Then goes on to discuss how big Jake Arrieta has been since they got him in 2013. “I mean, listen, he’s been fantastic for us since we got him in 2013. He’s been a big part of our culture. He’s been an enormous part of our success, and so of course we’re going to have those conversations. He’s earned free agency. He has every right to look around, but certainly, we’re going to be involved in that. So I don’t think people should look at it and say we’re not going to have those conversations. Like I said, he’s been a great Cub. We’re thrilled with what he’s done for us this year. We’ll see, but right now we’re entirely focused on September and then hopefully play well enough in September to play in October.”

I’m pretty sure this is what every front office would say about a big asset going into free agency. Of course they’re going to look at him. I like where Jed’s head is at though. Focus on the rest of this season. Jake has been a huge key in the playoffs and that could be the difference maker. I still don’t think the Cubs end up resigning him. Don’t really have time to worry about that now though. 
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