1N2W’s 2017 CFB Opening Kickoff Picks.

Get up! It’s College Gameday! Oh wait, it’s Thursday. There are still games though! Today is basically the first big day of the college football season, which will lead till Monday. We’ve made our picks for each ranked team playing below!


Tulsa VS. 10 Oklahoma State      Image result for oklahoma state

Josh: Oklahoma State

Ryan: Oklahoma State


2 Ohio State VS. Indiana

Josh: “Nothing like a upset” INDIANA

Ryan: Ohio State

8 Washington VS. Rutgers     Image result for washington huskies

Josh: Washington

Ryan: Washington

Utah State VS. 9 Wisconsin     Image result for wisconsin badgers

Josh: Wisconsin

Ryan: Wisconsin


Maryland VS. 23 Texas

Josh: Maryland

Ryan: Texas


Akron VS. 6 Penn State     Image result for penn state

Josh: Penn State

Ryan: Penn State


Kent State VS. 5 Clemson     Image result for clemson

Josh: Clemson

Ryan: Clemson


Bethune-Cookman VS. 18 Miami     Image result for miami hurricanes

Josh: Miami

Ryan: Saturdays are for the U

11 Michigan Vs. 17 Florida   

Josh: Florida

Ryan: Michigan


UTEP VS. 7 Oklahoma     Image result for oklahoma sooners football

Josh: Oklahoma

Ryan: Oklahoma


Stony Brook VS. 19 USF     Image result for usf

Josh: USF

Ryan: USF


W Michigan VS. 4 USC     Image result for usc

Josh: USC

Ryan: USC


Appalachian State VS. 15 Georgia

Josh: Georgia

Ryan: App State


Cent Arkansas VS. 20 Kansas State     Image result for kansas state

Josh: Kansas State

Ryan: K-State


GA Southern vs 12 Auburn     Image result for auburn tigers

Josh: Auburn

Ryan: Auburn


16 Louisville VS Purdue

Josh: Purdue

Ryan: Louisville


3 Florida State VS. 1 Alabama     Image result for alabama crimson tide

Josh: Alabama

Ryan: Alabama



Josh: BYU

Ryan: LSU


Montana State VS. 24 Washington St     Image result for washington state cougars

Josh: Washington State

Ryan: Washington State


22 West Virginia VS. 21 Virginia Tech

Josh: West Virginia

Ryan: Virginia Tech


25 Tennessee VS. Georgia Tech

Josh: Tennessee

Ryan: Georgia Tech





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