Have the Cubs emerged as a landing spot for Verlander?

There have been multiple reports that the Astros and a mystery team are pursuing Verlander. 

Yesterday, Jon Morosi tweeted this:

The Astros are going after him, but who is the mystery team? I do not see the Dodgers going after him, I don’t really see the Yankees either. Could the mystery team be the Cubs??

We all know the Astros would love to have him, because they have a really high chance of making it to the World Series and they could use another starter. What about the Cubs though? The Cubs starting rotation has looked a lot stronger lately, with the exception of Quintana. Jose Quintana has posted a 4.50 ERA with the Cubs this year, but I still think he can turn it around. Lester is coming back soon and Lackey is pitching a little bit better, so what would the Cubs do with Verlander?

If the Cubs are that mystery team their playoff roatation would be Arrieta, Lester, Hendricks, and Verlander more than likely. Then again it might not even be the Cubs, they already have Quintana so why go after him? 

Verlander is under team control until 2021, and is set to make $28,000,000 each year for the next three years. He has posted a 3.90 ERA in 166 IP. 


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