The Cubs shouldn’t be laid-back while leading the Central just yet.

With only 32 games left, it’s crunch time for the Cubs. They’re still leading the NL Central, but by only 2.5 games. These last divisional games are very crucial for the Cubs. To stay safe, they must win or tie each series they play with the Brewers and Cardinals. The bad news is the Cardinals are playing in Milwaukee right now. Which means the Brew Crew or the Cards gain a game if the Cubs lose, or stay 2.5 games in front if they win. No pressure. Every series left should be winnable for the Cubs. If you’d like to see the rest of the Cubs’ schedule click here.

Obviously, we get excited when we see the rest of our schedule. Yes, the Cubs usually play teams below .500 well but, we can’t play .500 ball against .500 teams. Get what I mean? The Cubs need a little of a streak going, and of course it’s hard without guys like Lester, Contreras, and Russell out. Again, this is the time each player needs to find their rhythm. Especially starting pitchers. I’m talking about you, Quintana. Let’s ride out these games against Pittsburgh, and hope the Cardinals split the series with the Brewers. Let’s focus on winning. Win. Take the Central. Game by game from there.

And if you think I’m talking playoffs yet, you’re wrong. I’ll leave this here for you though.


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