Did the Cubs already find a starting pitcher for next season?

After this year is over it is expected that the Cubs will be down two starting pitchers, but they may have just found a replacement for one of them. 

Jake Arrieta and John Lackey are not expected to be on the Cubs next year. Arrieta will more than likely head somewhere else as a free agent, and Lackey will probably retire. This leaves the Cubs with two starting positions to fill and I think they know who one of them is. 

Mike Montgomery will be a piece that will more than likely start for the Cubs next year, this year Montgomery has pitched pretty well. In 109.1 innings pitched he has recorded an efficient 1.24 WHIP with a 3.29 ERA. 

Last night Montgomery was in the starting spot for injured Jon Lester, and he went 7 innings and only gave up one run. Montgomery also has many of different pitches he uses, including a fastball, sinker, curve, cutter, changeup, and sometimes a slider. Watch for Montgomery to be a huge impact for the Cubs next year!

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