Ben Zobrist to lose his starting spot?


The 2017 World Series MVP, Ben Zobrist, could lose his starting spot and become a part time player per Patrick Mooney at CSN Chicago.

This year Zobrist has posted a batting average of .229 in over 300 at bats, and with Russell coming back very soon I would not be surprised to see Russell take his spot.   “When Addison comes back, that compounds things, obviously, because now all of a sudden — with (Javier Baez) playing at the level that he is and what it does to your defense with those two guys in the middle — that can be very pertinent going down to the latter part of the season,” Maddon said. (quote taken from CBSsports). Addison and Baez are a lot more talented on defense also, which I think will push them to that starting spot even more.

What do you think will happen? Let us know on our twitter @1N2W_

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