Justin Grimm, Addison Russell, and Jon Lester will be back soon 

It’s been a while, but we finally have an update on some of the key players for the Cubs. 

Jon Lester: Lester has been out for a week or two now, but it appears he will be back soon. He is scheduled to throw a simulated game today, which probably means he will be back in a week or two. I do not want the Lester to be rushed though, because we will need him down the stretch. 

Addison Russell: The Cubs main defensive threat, Addison Russell, has been on the DL for quite some time now and you can tell that we need him back. Russell did not have the hottest bat, but his defensive skills are amazing and the Cubs really need that right now. He has been sent to AAA on his rehab assignment, which means that he will also be ready soon. 

Justin Grimm: The Grimm reaper is also headed to AAA on a rehab assignment. Grimm has not had the best of years, but I think he can be a big part of the Cubs bullpen. The Cubs have been struggling a little bit out of the bullpen lately, and if Justin Grimm can find a grove he can really help this team. 

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