Jake Arrieta to be in a “packaged deal”?

Image result for jake arrieta tommy la stella

Jake Arrieta said some strange things after last nights 17-2 win.

Last night Jesse Rogers (@ESPNChiCubs on twitter) tweeted this.

This statement from Arrieta makes it sound like he does not really want to come back (Which we already knew), but what about Tommy La Stella. Tommy is under arbitration for three more years, and I don’t see him going anywhere else. Tommy has  played pretty well with the Cubs. He is batting .310 in only 84 at bats. Below is the definition of what arbitration is:

Following the salary arbitration process, the player and the team both submit a salary offer for a new contract. The arbitrator chooses one number or the other, based on which offer is closest to the salaries of players with similar ability and service time.

What do you think Arrieta meant by saying this, and does he want to come back to Chicago? 

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