Ben Zobrist is not starting for the weirdest reason 

Today Ben Zobrist got scratched from his start, which made fans wonder what was happening. 

Minutes later we got word that he was having travel issues and might not be able to get to Cincy in time. Zobrist was flying out of Nashville, which makes he wonder some things. 

Number one, Why was he in Nashville at the time? 

Number 2, what was the reason for the flight trouble, because he should know if there was going to be bad weather in the area. 

Ian Happ jumped into the starting role tonight in Cincy, and is playing second base. 

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  1. We have no idea why he had to be in Nashville. I’m sure he and Joe will discuss this when the time is right…and to answer your question with a question – do you spend YOU weekends (days off) with people from work, on every weekend? I’m guessing not…


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