Joc Pederson locker is empty. What could this mean?

So we saw last night that the Dodgers are still not afraid to make trades. They acquired Curtis Granderson from the Mets in exchange for cash considerations and a PTBNL. Now could this PTBNL be Joc Pederson? Or could he just be sent down to the AAA?

Pederson is batting .215 with only 33 RBIs this season. It seems like his value, and playing time, have been reduced a lot in the past few years. I definitely think the PTBNL could be Joc just because he hasn’t preformed well at this level, other than posting two 25+ homer seasons. But, the Dodgers are used to sending guy down to work on swing, mechanics, etc. As we saw with Puig last year. 

The acquisition of Curtis Granderson will and already looks like it has taken a toll on his playing time. My guess is he’s heading to OKC (AAA) to work on his swing. Although, the Dodgers have surprised us a lot this season.

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