Joe Maddon to be suspended or fined?

Last night Joe Maddon rushed onto the field to arugue with the first base umpire, but he did something you should never do, he bumped him. 

It all started in the bottom of the ninth inning when Ben Zobrist got hit in the calf by a pitch. Zobrist was jogging down to first, but they ended up calling him back saying he attempted to bunt (he did not). This would make Joe Maddon irate as he would storm onto the field, get ejected quickly, and then proceed to point fingers at the umpires and give a little bump to them. As a manager or player you are not allowed to bump the umpires, or else you could get a suspension or fine. In the video below you can see how he put his finger in the umpires chest and made contact with them several times. 

Maddon came out after the game and said that he anticipates a fine. I would be ok with a fine, but he better hope the MLB does not decide to suspend him for that. 

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One comment

  1. I’ve been watching baseball for many years and it does seem the demeanor and calls are getting much worse.its to bad there is not a way to at least fine these umpires some who think they are bigger than the game.ive seen it numerous times of guys sticking out there arms to get hit so they can get on base,last night the first place umpire was completely off on the call on zorbist.umpires screw and get called for it and they compound there mistake by ejecting the guy who was correct on the way play went down.what really makes this bad is were in a pennant race and have to deal with wonder umpires have a bad name


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