What If: The Cubs acquire Giancarlo Stanton

Today Giancarlo Stanton cleared waivers. What if the Cubs acquired him?

Stanton just hit his MLB best 44th home run on the year, and it’s not even September yet. Stanton has a crazy contract of ten years $295 million remaining, so why don’t the Cubbies just go get him (kidding)?

If the Cubs were to claim someone like Stanton what would they have to give up? I think it’s fair to say that you would not be seeing players like Russell, Happ, Almora, or Schwarber on the Cubs anymore. 

Even if the Cubs did go and grab him what would they do with Rizzo and Bryant when they need to resign? With the salary cap I do not think the Cubs could have three of the best players in the MLB on one team! 

Just imagine a 2-3-4-5 lineup with Bryant, Harper, Stanton, and Rizzo. Yes we all know this will not happen, but it is fun to think about!


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