Hawk Harrelson goes off about Wrigley Field… again

The other day Chicago White Sox broadcaster, Hawk Harrelson, went off about Wrigley Field. Today he did it again. 

http://1n2w.blog/2017/08/07/bye-hawk-harrelson-you-wont-be-missed/ (Link to what he said last week)

“It’s just time for that ballpark to be replaced,” Harrelson told 670 the Score’s “Inside the Clubhouse.” “It’s just that simple. I’m just saying stuff that everybody knows who goes there. But nobody wanted to say it, so I decided yeah, I’ll never step another foot inside Wrigley Field.” ( quote taken from NBCChicago.com)

Hawk is retiring after the 2018 season, and he never wants to step foot into Wrigley Field again. Myself along with many other Cub fans are perfectly fine with this, but what makes you say that Wrigley Field needs to be replaced?

Wrigley Field is one of the nicest if not the nicest ballpark in America. Talking for every Cub fan out there Hawk “grab some bench” we don’t want you back at Wrigley Field. 

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