The Cubs need to tear up their upcoming opponents.

The end of the MLB season is approaching and the fate of the Chicago Cubs has yet to be decided. Well, basically every team in the NL Central is still in it. So who’s going to pull away? I’d put my money on the Cubs. Over their next 24 games, all of their opponents are sub .500. Then in September, it’s all against the Central with the Rays and Mets mixed in. Here is the rest of their schedule:

If the Cubs start playing how they did right after the All-Star break, then they should win every series until the end of the regular season. They need to go on a tear from here on. There is no other perfect opportunity than this to pull away. What do they need to accomplish in this stretch? Here are some of my thoughts.

Not so back-up catchers.

With the injury to Willson Contreras, there’s no doubt that Avila and Caratini need to step up. Not saying that they haven’t already but, they’ll need to keep the pace up heading towards Willy’s return.

Get Addi back, and back on track.

A lot of guys slump after their injury, it’s apart of sports. Once Addi comes back to the lineup he needs to get hot. We need him for a playoff run. That being said, we need Addison back on defense too. I get nervous watching Javy at short.

Schwarber needs to heat up.

We’ve been saying it forever, “It’s only a matter of time before Schwarber gets hot.” I’ll admit it, I’ve said it too. But this is the perfect time for him to get hot before the playoffs. Needs to happen.


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