Believe it or not, Kyle Schwarber has highly improved since his DL stint.

I may be jinxing him with this because he already has 4 strikeouts tonight, but I need to remind people of the time Kyle Schwarber was sent to the minors. Let me set the scene.

It was a dark time in the Cubs 2017 season. The team was slumping, but no one was slumping as bad as Kyle Schwarber. Batting .170, King Theo decides to send Kyle down to the minors. That was about a month and a half ago. How has he done since?

It’s been very quiet, but after multiple tweets I’ve seen today I had to bring this to attention.

I mean, this is pretty decent right? It’s only been at least a month since his return at least, but putting  up a .263 average since the AAA, and chasing your full BA back to .200? I’ll take it. He’s basically a smaller, more chubby Aaron Judge. Either strikeout or homer. It’s only a matter of time since he gets hot again. Like he did in the World Series which he basically won it on one leg. Keep doubting this guy though. He’s moving along quietly now but again, don’t let him get hot.

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